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December Batch 2016

12” Lathe cut vinyl edition of Haraam – Reestablishment of Old Ideals. Limited to 13 hand numbered copies.15EUR +shipping. Only available through bandcamp:

July Batch.

Restive Plaggona – Without Principles, c30

Dark cinematic techno hybrids from this new project out of Greece, ranging from ambient melancholia to pulsating Industrial soundscapes.

44 Copies.

Sortlegeme – Daf, c44

The second release by Sortlegeme continues where the last one left off. Tribalistic techno executions with traditional ethnic instrumentation. World techno at its finest.

35 Copies.

Body Stress – Sodomy In Silence, c25

Strict harsh noise, crude throbbing electronics delivered with no mercy. One for the harsh heads.

32 Copies.

Haraam – Reestablishment Of Old Ideals, c34

Militant ethno industrial, dusty atmospheres and ominous rhythms, Haraam is combining the more lo-fi tape sound of the early tapes, with the beat driven sound of the latest releases. Old world electronics.

60 Copies.

Out today.


Various – A Vulgar Abstract

Massive HNW compilation, 4x C40, 160 minutes of crushing walls, a lot of interesting and experimental takes on the genre here, comes with a booklet containing artwork to accompany the different projects and titles.

Artists featured:
Sacred Climax
Anonymous Masturbaudioum
Prostitutes Of The 19th Century
Servant Girl Annihilator
Wet Dream Asphyxiation
Human Toilet Vendors
Female Pedophile

April batch out today.


Cold Choice – Harassed By Remembrance

Heavy electronics delivered by this anonymous new project from Denmark. Dwelling somewhere in between abstract industrial and rhythmic noise, Cold Choice presents to us two long oppressive tracks.

C26, 36 Copies.

Torturing Nurse – Ceremony

New cassette by the long running Chinese noise project Torturing Nurse. Known for confrontational live performances and being the owner of the label ”Life Is Absurd”, Torturing Nurse’s extensive discography speaks for itself. This tape delivers a straight forward harsh noise assault, scrap metal and feedback abuse.

C24, 39 Copies.

Luke Holland – Odium

Here comes a 2x cassette release by Austrailian noise and industrial artist Luke Holland, the man behind the legendary Trapdoor Tapes that recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary. Luke is known for several projects such as Armour Group, Word Of Life Church SS and his solo output Mshing, recently he started producing more minimal synth based sounds under his real name. This release presents us with four minimalistic death industrial tracks, synth driven bleak drones and dusty tape sound.

2x C30, 30 Copies.

Deviant T-Shirts.


Very limited amount of t-shirts available, medium and large. Screen-printed, print on both sides. Pre shrunk quality. 100% Cotton.

17.00€ +shipping

Get in touch via mail or order here.

New releases out today.


Erectum Issue: 1

24 Page art zine featuring collage work made from gay BDSM and fetish magazines from the 80’s. Comes with a 5-track mini compilation on mini cdr featuring cum-dump, human toilet vendors, scatmother, stupor and RRR. 40 copies.

Various Artists – Deviant

4-way split featuring Forbidden Colors, Black Leather Jesus, Straight Panic and Body Stress. Harsh noise celebrating deviant male sexual behavior. 2x cs, comes with a small 8 page booklet and a condom. C40 + C20, 53 copies.

Interspecies Erotica – A Decade Of Bestiality

A new power electronics project from Copenhagen. Filthy lo-fi endeavors, scrap metal abuse and crude vocal performances. Dedicated to Bodil Joensen. For the truly perverted. C20, 41 copies.